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What High School is Really Like 

Justin Bieber Bisexual?

The Best of “Totally Looks Like” Pictures (gallery)

Rihanna’s R-rated Photoshoot will make you say WOAH!

Inappropriate Store Mannequins! When You see It… #wtf 

Aluminum Foil Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier 


WTF Japan!? 

You think you know everything about the main female body part? Think again!

Poor Guy … This is worse than the friend zone. 

Think the celebs are hot? These super close up shots will make you think again, especially #2!

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a life changing 22 seconds


grovermartin9 all bgc5 episodes here http://bgcepisodes.tumblr.com/bgc5%20full

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Just finish upload BGC9 in HD for you guys,ENJOY!!!


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I really wanna watch bgc5 but I stopped watching after Morgan left. I hate Lea so much she's so damn extra and that makes me not wanna watch the whole season
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you should watch bgc5 till the end,ne of the best seasons 

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u like Julie ?
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i love her <3 

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Ty for the challenge link but I don't own a computer atm and can only use my mobile. Do you have any mobile links?
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